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Advancing the field

 of healthcare delivery

to aid the veteran and their families 
Learn More About
The Dayton VA Medical Center


This video gives a brief overview of the activities that The Dayton VA medical Center offers in support of Veterans in the Miami Valley. 

American flag waving

What Drives Us 

The Dayton VA Research and Education Foundation exists to be at the forefront in the region to serve veterans in the advancement of health care delivery through various modalities of research and delivering quality education to clinicians, staff, and the community. The foundation is a non-profit entity that works in conjunction with the Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center and is a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Ohio. 

Veteran Memorial Service

Getting Involved 

If you have served or want to serve those who serve, there is a place for everyone here at The Dayton VA Research & Education Foundation. The areas that you can make an impact are in research, education, fund raising, and many others. Please reach out and see how you can make an impact for the lives of Veterans here in Dayton, Ohio. 

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