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Research & Education 

The Dayton VAMC R&D Program in cooperation with the DVAREF places a high priority on research collaboration and educational opportunities. Collaborative research projects include a variety of investigations such as, traumatic brain injury (TBI), poly-trauma, prosthetic and amputation care, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), pain management, bench research, pharmaceuticals, and meta-data analysis. Partnering with others who possess common research interests allows the Dayton VAMC to leverage resources and expand the impact of taxpayer investments in research.

Collaborative Research Projects with The Foundation

​​Steps to Collaboration

1. Announcement of Research Project 

2. PI expresses interest in project 

2. Confidentiality Agreement - Reviewed by legal and signed by Medical Center Director 

3. Feasibility Questionnaire - Completed by PI and Research Service Department 

4. Site Selection - Sponsor reviews facilities and staff 

5. Study Awarded 

    A. CRADA 

    B. IRB Approval 

    C. Budget submission 

    D. Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Review 

    E. Protocol review 

    F. Informed Consent Review

    G. R&D Committee Approval 

    H. Study team training - if needed

    I. Research Pharmacy (if needed) is set-up

6. Study launch and execution 

7. Study closeout 

* This is an example of the processes that occur for the initiation of a study to be performed at Dayton VA Medical Center in conjunction with the Foundation. Every project may have variations on each step specific to the partnering organization. 

Educational Opportunities / Volunteering 

The foundation is committed to expanding its education opportunities and other patient-centered health care projects that will improve hospital operations, patient flow and overall Veteran satisfaction. Please contact us if you would like to work with the foundation evidence based educational opportunities that support the mission of the Dayton VA mission. 

Examples of educational related activities and partnerships 

  • Dental educational symposium

  • Pharmacy educational internships in conjunction with higher education organizations 

  • Support of researchers continuing medical education

  • Support of resident education activities 


If you would like to volunteer with the foundation we are always accepting applications. Please go to the contact page and let us know your interest level. Examples of needs 

  • Events coordination 

  • Accounting 

  • Pro Bono board consulting 

  • Business development 

  • Lab support 

  • Research support 

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